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Introducing NovaBone® Dental Putty

NovaBone® Dental Putty, a bioactive calcium phosphossilicate with an osteostimulative effect, is a pre-mixed moldable putty available in a variety of formats, including trays, pre-filled syringes, and uni-dose cartridges that are dispensed using an applicator gun. NovaBone® Dental Putty is indicated for a wide variety of defect types, but the extended applicator tip allows for access to grafting posterior extraction sites and crestal-approach sinus lifts.

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Now Available - enCore® 50/50 Cortical & Cancellous Allograft

enCore® 50/50 Mineralized Cortical and Mineralized Cancellous Allograft combines slower resorbing, space maintaining cortical bone with porous, faster resorbing cancellous bone in a single bottle. All lots of enCore® 50/50 Cortical & Cancellous Allograft are sourced from a single donor.

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