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GBR Meeting: Management of the Vertical and Horizontal Bone Defects in the Posterior Lower Jaw

The main topic that will be treated during the three days of the course will be the vertical bone regeneration in the posterior lower jaw. A careful and complete presentation regarding the soft tissue management will be discussed with all attendees in order to avoid the known consequences caused from the early exposure of the membranes. The second interesting topic we will deal with will be the management of the soft tissue in implants, inserted in regenerated bone. In association with the theoretical part some surgical treatments will be performed in live surgery, so that the scientific schedule can be completed.

Course Information

Date: September 17, 2018 - September 19, 2018
Location: Genoa

Course Fee: €2684


Marco Ronda


Click Here for More Information [2.28 MB PDF]


Day 1:
Theoretical part:
• Indication and contraindication at the GBR procedure
• Design of the fl ap in free edentulous ridges or in the intercalate spaces
• GBR Guidelines for a high surgical and prognostic predictability
• Concept of Encumbrance Volume and its application in the vertical bone regeneration of the posterior lower jaw
• Description and analysis of the soft tissue realizing techniques.
Live surgery part:
• First Surgery: management of the soft tissues around implants inserted in regenerated bone. I could show them how we should deal with the soft tissues around the implants, how we should restore the depth of the fornex and how we should suture, harvest and shape the tissue graft.

Day 2:
Theoretical part:
• Strategies and timing of suturing
• Soft tissues management after the GBR procedure: timing and protocol
• Discussion about Graft, Sutures, and different other Material for an ideal GBR surgical approach.
Live surgery part:
• Second Surgery: surgical treatment of a vertical bone defect in the posterior lower jaw with the simultaneous insertion of the implant: a preliminary discussion will be held before the surgical treatment and so I can describe all details of the surgery, like the design of the flaps, the soft tissue amount that I need to close, without tension and for first intention, the sutures on top of the membrane. During the surgical treatment I will show you perfectly the 4 passivation techniques of the buccal and lingual flaps, the shaping of the membrane for a perfect adaptation to the defect, the different options for the fixing of the membrane, the different strategies to maintain “decontaminated” the surgical area an than all little details of this precise technique.

Theoretical part:
• GBR procedures around implants affected by perimplantitis: decontamination protocols, debridement procedure and GBR approach
• Group session…find the mistake: a series of GBR pictures will be screened and the participants have to understand with kind of surgical mistake has been done during the surgical procedure.
Live surgery part:
• Third Surgery: removal of a membrane after 6 months from the GBR Procedure with simultaneous insertion of the implants can show how to draw a non invasive flap and evaluate the evidences related to the regenerated bone.

Additional Information

For more information, please email mronda@panet.it

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