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Toronto Implant Institute - Dr. Istvan Urban Regenerative Techniques in Implant Therapy 2-Day Course

2-Day Course with Lecture and Hands-On Workshop

Course Objectives:
• Principles of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation
• Diagnosis and patient selection
• Treatment Planning
• Surgical preparation and surgical steps
• Barrier selection and fixation devices
• Bone harvest regions and techniques
• Post-operative protocol
• Principles and practice of mucogingival biology and surgical procedures around dental implants
• Papilla reconstruction around single implant sites
• Re-establishment of the vestibule after vertical and horizontal augmentation
• Development of papillae for multiple site in the esthetic region

• Vertical augmentation with a newly developed titanium-reinforced membrane, bone graft and placement of mini screws
• Free connective tissue graft for papilla reconstruction after connective tissue harvest
• Xenogenic/collagen soft tissue graft combined with a strip-gingival auto-graft sandwich soft tissue augmentation technique. Micro suturing techniques for soft tissue grafting

Course Information

Date: March 15, 2019 - March 16, 2019
Location: Toronto Implant Institute - Ontario, Canada

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