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gIDE Hands-On Training: 4-Day Certificate Course

Take your surgical skills to the next level for managing complex implant cases. Each course day has a didactic presentation using lecture & video material & a clinical hands-on or live surgery demonstration.

Course Information

Date: March 06, 2019 - March 09, 2019
Location: Global Institute for Dental Education - Los Angeles, CA

Course Fee: $4400
CE Credits: 32


Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic, DDS, MS


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Learning Objectives

Day 1 consists of 1/2 Day Interactive Lecture and 1/2 Day Hands-On Workshop on goat maxilla models.
Learn to perform sinus elevation surgery predictably
Identify the clinical and practical benefits of minimally invasive osteotome sinus elevation
Learn the technique for performing highly predictable lateral window surgery
Identify a biological protocol using graft materials for sinus elevation
Learn how to prevent and treat complications
Peri-implantitis incidence, etiology and management

Day 2 consists of 1/2 Day Interactive Lecture and 1/2 Day Hands-On workshop on fresh upper porcine models.
Identify advantages and disadvantages of various surgical approaches
Flap Design, Flap Management and Suturing Methods
Augmentation of Keratinized Tissue
Augmentation of Soft Tissue Volume
Complications and Compromised Attempts
Abutment Design Modifications
Perio-Implant Papilla Support

Day 3 consists of 1/2 Day Interactive Lecture and 1/2 Day Live Surgery. There will be a demonstration of a posterior case for ridge/sinus augmentation purposes and an anterior esthetic case.
Treatment planning and patient selection for grafting procedures
Concepts and techniques in bone grafting from incision to suturing
Extraction site management: immediate versus delayed implant placement with bone and soft tissue grafting
Decision making based on outcome of available soft tissue protocols
Immediate extraction site techniques with internal grafting for maximum tissue preservation
Prosthetic steps to assist in grafting and implant procedures for the clinician
New technology using growth factors

Day 4 consists of 1/2 Day Interactive Lecture and 1/2 Day Hands-On Workshop on porcine model.
Clinical solutions to biological bone regeneration and socket grafting
The vertical and horizontal aspects of ridge augmentation
Potential intra-oral donor sites, as well as techniques for harvesting such sites
The optimal selection of implant design, surface and position
Treatment planning for esthetic cases and the development of gingival papilla support
Learn the use of biomaterials and growth factors with autogenous bone and barrier membranes
Implant complications, possibility of treatment and prognosis

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