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gIDE Master Clinician Session I

During the first 5 days of the one-year comprehensive Master Clinician Implant Training program all aspects of bone, soft tissue, and implant management will be featured including the critical steps in osseointegration and implant site development for long-term success, function and esthetics. Hands-on workshops with plastic and fresh porcine jaw models using microsurgical Hu-Friedy hand instruments, resorbable nylon and PTFE suture materials, W&H drill units, Nobel Biocare implant system, and bone regenerative materials are performed by the class and live surgery demonstrations by faculty. The restorative steps involved in osseointegration and implant prosthodontics are part of this session and will cover edentulous, multiple teeth, and single tooth restorations. Accurate impression taking, fit of framework, screw-retained vs cemented, abutment choice and occlusal design are highlighted in detail.

Course Information

Date: January 15, 2019 - January 19, 2019
Location: Global Institute for Dental Education - Los Angeles, CA

Course Fee: $18400
CE Credits: 300


Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
Dr. Mamaly Reshad


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Day 1:
-Osseointegration, Bone Physiology, Anatomy, Implant selection and long term results
-5 Criteria for implant success and loading protocols
-Patient selection, clinical evaluation and risk management
-Diagnostics, radiographic evaluation and 3D Virtual Planning of the implant case and guided templates: guided templates vs surgical stents
-Standard vs. complex/advanced case treatment planning
-Esthetic anterior implant placement vs non-esthetic posterior implant placement
-Extraction site management: immediate, early and late implant placement with their respective protocols

Day 2:
-Office set-up, patient selection and preparation, and pre and post medications
-Flap design / incisions / sutures / hand instruments
-Implant placement protocol without grafting, implant stability and site preparation
-Principles of guided bone regeneration and augmentation: autologous, bone substitutes, bone grafts and GBR membranes
-Surgical complications and their management

Day 3:
-1/2 Day Live surgery: patient demonstration with implant and bone/soft tissue management
-1/2 Day Hands-on workshop: implant placement / tissue management / extraction socket treatment / guided bone regeneration protocol

Day 4:
-Edentulous surgical solutions:
-All-on-4 protocol with bone regeneration
-Overdenture implant placement
-Grafting protocol with implant placement
-Surgical complication of implant therapy and their management
-Digital smile design
-Digital photography
-Digital 3D planning of implant and guided implant placement

Day 5:
-Prosthetic implant planning and start of restorative phase
-Single tooth and multiple teeth restorations
-Edentulous jaw therapy: All-on-4 vs overdenture
-Guide stent design and fabrication
-Impression techniques: closed and open tray
-Cemented vs. screw retained prosthesis
-Occlusal design and guards, and prosthetic frame work materials
-Abutment selection and design: titanium and zirconia
-Immediate function vs traditional healing periods
-Implant prosthetic complications
-Hands-on workshop: Impression/Techniques (optional)

Additional Information

Deposit: $1,500 Deposit due upon receipt of invoice following registration

Payment #1: $5,800 due December 1, 2018

Payment #2: $3,700 due February 20, 2019

Payment #3: $3,700 due May 10, 2019

Payment #4: $3,700 due August 10, 2019

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