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gIDE Master Clinician Session III

During Session III all aspects of advanced implant procedures, ridge grafting, sinus augmentation and complications in implant dentistry will be featured. The Live Surgery demonstration and the hands-on workshop performed by class students will highlight procedures using GBR-grafts with barrier membranes and BMP-2 grafts with titanium mesh. The restorative aspect will focus on esthetic implant prosthodontics and the evidence and experience to deliver high-end esthetic work.

Course Information

Date: June 19, 2019 - June 22, 2019
Location: Global Institute for Dental Education - Los Angeles, CA

Course Fee: $18400
CE Credits: 300


Dr. Sascha Jovanovic
Dr. Joseph Kan


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Day 1:
Advanced ridge and sinus augmentation
New bone grafting techniques using growth factors
Implant complications and re-treatment
Edentulous jaw treatment solutions
Esthetic implant therapy

Day 2:
Exam #5 (Session II material)
Hands-on workshop: advanced implant surgery and bone grafting
Live surgery: 2 cases with advanced surgery and implant placement

Day 3:
Sinus bone grafting
Sinus osteotome results
Sinus complications
Ridge augmentation complications
Case II presentations graded by gIDE Faculty

Day 4:
Esthetic implant prosthodontics
Immediate vs. delayed tooth replacement in the esthetic zone
Ceramic vs. PFM implant crowns
Computer guided approach
Socket grafts and soft tissue grafts
Abutment design, material and insertion timing
Complications and treatment options

Additional Information

Deposit: $1,500 Deposit due upon receipt of invoice following registration

Payment #1: $5,800 due December 1, 2018

Payment #2: $3,700 due February 20, 2019

Payment #3: $3,700 due May 10, 2019

Payment #4: $3,700 due August 10, 2019

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