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DentalXP 7th Annual Global Symposium

Navigating the Full Arch Challenges: The Complete Clinician

The 2019 Dental XP 7th Annual Global Symposium will celebrate "Global Team Dentistry" and highlight the newest strategies in minimally invasive Restorative & Periodontal Esthetics, new Digital 3D Work flows, as well as a specific focus on the Full Arch patient. Towards that end, the scientific committee has invited a select group of leading Global TEAMS to present their unique interdisciplinary concepts and receive the 1st ever Xpy Awards.


February 28, 2019 - March 02, 2019


The Diplomat Beach Resort - Hollywood, FL


Invited Speakers:
Jaime Jimenez
Alessandro Pozzi
Miguel Stanley
Snjezana Pohl
Galip Gurel
Roberto Rossi
Udatta Kher
Maurice Salama
Howard Gluckman
Attila Bodrogi
Robert Silva
Maria Valvekens
Alessandro Conti
David Wong
Marcelo Ferrer
Marko Tadros
T.V. Narayan
Ventseslav Stankov
Jerome Surmenian
Ali Tunkiwala
David Garber
Luis Lapa Bessa
Ronald Goldstein
Marc Nacar
Henry Salama


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