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DentalXP Global Symposium

The 2018 Dental XP 6th Annual Global Symposium will highlight the newest strategies in reconstructive dentistry while at the same time delivering predicable solutions to complex challenges. Towards that end, the scientific committee has invited a select group of leading clinicians and educators and tasked them with sharing their unique experiences utilizing the latest surgical and restorative techniques. The most innovative technologies utilized to achieve clinical excellence in the most efficient, effective and efficacious manner will be the highlight of this meeting.


February 08, 2018 - February 10, 2018


The Diplomat Beach Resort
Hollywood, FL


Speaker Lineup:

Urs Belser
Daniel Buser
Sonia S. Leziy
Dennis Tarnow
Stephen J. Chu
Howard Gluckman
Maurice Salama
Snjezana Pohl
Eduardo Anitua
Tomas Linkevicius
Homa Zadeh
Jaafar Mouhyi
Anabell E. Bologna
Francesco M. Mangani
Luca Mangani
Orlando Alvarez
Juan Alberto Ruiz
Ana Luis Bernotti
Scott D. Ganz
Alain Simonpieri
Konstantinos D. Valavanis
Gallip Gurel
Shannon Pace Brinker
Alessandro Agnini
Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini
Ramon Gomez Meda
Isaac D. Tawil
Nazariy Mykhaylyuk
Bassam F. Rabie
Udatta Kher
Alexander D. Salvoni
Yoshihiro Kida
Sherif Yousri Said
Eiji Furuichi
Neal Patel

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