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International Academy of Ceramic Implantology 6th Annual World Congress

Implantology with ceramic implants is revolutionizing dental implantology and today ceramic implants perform as well as titanium and titanium alloy implants. So we have to ask: “Evidence Based Ceramic Implantology – Where Are We Today?”.
The IAOCI World Congress is an international meeting with a first-rate scientific program delivered by top international and national speakers. The academy through this yearly congress promotes and delivers innovative and forward-thinking ideas by means of workshops, lectures and symposia that enhance the understanding of and the rationale for ceramic implantology. This is a place where scientists, clinicians, students and manufacturers gather to have access to, learn from and exchange with the largest community of international experts in dental bioceramics science and technology.


February 16, 2017 - February 17, 2017


Epic Miami A Kimpton Hotel - Miami, FL


Prof. Dr. Sami Sandhaus (Keynote Speaker)
- Keynote Address: The Life of Ceramic Implants

Dr. Andrea Borgonovo
- Topic: Long- Term Evaluation of the Success Criteria for Zirconia Dental Implants: A 5-to 8-year Clinical and Radiological Study

Dr. Jerome Chevalier
- Topic: The Quest for Tough, Strong and Stable Zirconia Ceramics: Past Issues, Current Trends, and Future Perspectives in Dental Implantology

Dr. Jens Fischer
- Topic: Zirconia Implants: The State of Art

Dr. Elisabeth Jacobi-Gresser
- Topic: Titanium Intolerance as a New Risk factor in Dental Titanium Implantology

Dr. Sofia Karapataki
- Topic: Surgical and Prosthetic Protocols for Using Biphasic Ceramic Implants

Dr. Jochen Mellinghoff
- Topic: One-piece Versus Two-Piece Zirkolith Implants: A Comparative Clinical Trial

Dr. Richard Miron
- Topic: Histology and Osseointegration of Zirconia Implants

Dr. Jaafar Mouhyi
- Topic: Peri-Implantitis: The Effect of Implant Surfaces and Positioning

Dr. Sammy Noumbissi
- Topic: Full Arch Metal-Free Rehabilitation with One-piece and Two-piece Ceramics Implants

Dr. Daniel Olmedo
- Topic: Local and Systemic Effects from Tribocorrosion of Titanium Implants

Dr. Mutlu Ozcan
- Topic: New Materials, New Challenges

Dr. Giulio Rasperini
- Topic: Biofilm Adhesion on Different Surface Used for Prosthetic Restoration

Dr. Stefan Rohling
- Topic: Is Zirconia a Reliable Alternative to Titanium? Scientific Evidence and Clinical Applications for Ceramic Implants

Dr. Jens Tartsch
- Topic: Screw-Retained Ceramic Implant Connections: The Next Generation

Dr. Volker Von Baer
- Topic: Immunological Mechanism of Metal Allergies and Titanium Intolerance-Where is the Difference?

Dr. Thomas Wiedemann

Dr. Kianor Shah

Dr. Ralph Kohal


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