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International Osteology Symposium

…and welcome to Osteology Barcelona 2019! The International Osteology Symposium is back with a new location, new topics, new formats, new speakers, and a new title: THE NEXT REGENERATION.

The title combines the Osteology Foundation’s key aspects in Barcelona 2019: on the one hand, the next generation of regenerative therapies, i.e. the latest developments of techniques and technologies; and on the other hand, the next generation of dentists, not only as attendees of the programme, but also featuring upcoming experts in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

Accordingly, specific sessions have been planned with young dentists presenting oral tissue regeneration in a nutshell, and also special sessions for researchers! Furthermore, innovative concepts and formats, such as the Osteology Case Session, allow more clinicians to actively participate in the programme.

But despite all the new aspects, one thing has definitely not changed: in April 2019 the international Osteology Symposium is again the place-to-be for all oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, and oral health professionals interested in implant dentistry and regenerative therapies, where international renowned experts present the current status of knowledge and research, linking science with practice in oral tissue regeneration, always true to the motto and aims of the Osteology Foundation.

For three days we will all delve intensively into the current status of knowledge and research in oral tissue regeneration, and we can also get a glimpse into the future and where novel techniques and material are leading us – THE NEXT REGENERATION.

We wish to encourage all participants to actively contribute in interactive sessions, case presentation, the research forum, and by stimulating discussions. In addition, numerous practical workshops again offer the opportunity of trying out the latest techniques and materials.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona in April 2019!


April 25, 2019 - April 27, 2019


Barcelona International Convention Center - Barcelona, Spain


Invited Speakers:

Allen Edward P., USA
Al-Nawas Bilal, Germany
Araújo Maurício, Brazil
Aroca Sofia, France
Avila-Ortiz Gustavo, USA
Back Michael, Germany
Badalyan Kristina, Russia
Batista César Neto João, Brazil
Benhamou Anne, France
Benic Goran, Switzerland
Berglundh Tord, Sweden
Beuer Florian, Germany
Blume Oliver, Germany
Burkhardt Rino, Switzerland
Buser Daniel, Switzerland
Cairo Francesco, Italy
Cardaropoli Daniele, Italy
Casentini Paolo, Italy
Cavalcanti Raffaele, Italy
Chappuis Vivianne, Switzerland
Chen Bo, China
Cordaro Luca, Italy
Cortellini Pierpaolo, Italy
Cosyn Jan, Belgium
Dahlin Christer, Sweden
Derks Jan, Sweden
De Sanctis Massimo, Italy
D'haese Jan, Belgium
Donos Nikolaos, UK
Duttenhoefer Fabian, Germany
Fickl Stefan, Germany
Frosecchi Massimo, Italy
Fu Jia-Hui, Singapore
Galindo Moreno Pablo, Spain
Giannobile William V., USA
González Martín Óscar, Spain
Gruber Reinhard, Austria
Guerrero Adrián, Spain
Hämmerle Christoph, Switzerland
Heitz-Mayfield Lisa, Australia
Iglhaut Gerhard, Germany
Jepsen Søren, Germany
Jung Ronald E., Switzerland
Jung Ui-Won, South Korea
Krebs Mischa, Germany
Lambert France, Belgium
McClain Pamela K., USA
McGuire Michael, USA
Mühlemann Sven, Switzerland
Nart José, Spain
Nelson Katja, Germany
Oliveira Matheus, Brazil
Pagni Giorgio, Italy
Park Ji-Man, South Korea
Payer Michael, Austria
Ponte Alessandro, Switzerland
Rasperini Giulio, Italy
Renouard Franck, France
Renvert Stefan, Sweden
Rios Hector, USA
Rocchietta Isabella, UK
Roccuzzo Mario, Italy
Romito Giuseppe, Brazil
Sader Robert, Germany
Saito Atsushi, Japan
Sanz Mariano, Spain
Sanz-Martin Ignacio, Spain
Schallhorn Rachel, USA
Schlee Markus, Germany
Schliephake Henning, Germany
Schmitt Christian, Germany
Schwarz Frank, Germany
Sculean Anton, Switzerland
Sicilia Alberto, Spain
Stavropoulos Andreas, Sweden
Testori Tiziano, Italy
Thieringer Florian, Switzerland
Thoma Daniel, Switzerland
Urban Istvan, Hungary
Valentini Pascal, France
Van Assche Nele, Belgium
Velásquez Diego, USA
Vroom Melle, The Netherlands
Weng Dietmar, Germany
Zabalegui Ion, Spain
Zadeh Homa, USA
Zeltner Marco, Switzerland
Zucchelli Giovanni, Italy


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