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Partners in Synergy

Partners in Synergy is a unique, comprehensive, interactive presentation between Drs. Michael A. Pikos and Maurice A. Salama. This dual podium lecture with two giants in the field of dental implant rehabilitation will focus on “total reconstruction dentistry” which includes the latest hard and soft tissue grafting techniques for optimal implant placement. Each course attendee will receive an up-to-date “Partners in Synergy” color manual with hundreds of pages of important clinical information and articles. Guest speakers will also be featured.


June 08, 2017 - June 11, 2017


Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes - Orlando, FL


Featured topics include:

• Anatomy and Biology of Hard and Soft Tissue Grafts
• Comprehensive Surgical Protocols: Indications / Soft Tissue Manipulation and Flap Management /Harvesting / Grafting / Suturing
• Ridge Expansion, Mesh Particulate-Allograft,Autogenous, rhBMP-2, Sinus Grafting, Autogenous Block Grafting
• Comprehensive Extraction Site Management
• Vertical Bone Augmentation Protocols
• Epithelialized Palatal Grafting, Subepithelial Connective Tissue Grafting, Acellular Dermal Matrix Grafting, Tunneling Techniques
• Pre Bone Graft Soft Tissue Augmentation
• Esthetic Zone Reconstruction: Smile Design and Considerations
• The Role of Bioactive Modifiers – rhBMP-2 , PDGF, PRGF, PRF, PRP
• Interdisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
• Problem Solving... The "How To’s"
• Patient Management Issues
• Prevention, Recognition and Treatment of Complications:Bone and Soft Tissue.


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