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Partners in Synergy

Interactive Lecture and Discussion Between Drs. Michael A. Pikos and Maurice Salama


June 20, 2019 - June 22, 2019


Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes - Orlando, FL


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Day 1: Hard Tissue Reconstruction
-Understand the principles of tissue engineering, bone grafting and osseointegration.
-Describe the anatomy, biology, wound healing and timing of bone grafting, and host response to surgery.
-Describe the importance of flap design and soft tissue manipulation for successful bone grafting.
-Understand and apply the principles of interactive CT diagnosis and treatment planning for soft tissue and hard tissue grafting procedures.
-Successfully place implants into patients with compromised hard and soft tissue anatomy.
-Describe indications and step-by-step surgical protocols for mandibular block grafting, mesh particulate grafting, ridge expansion, and sinus grafting.
-Understand the expanding application of BMP-2 with intraoral bone grafting.
-Understand the role of mandibular block grafts, mesh particulate grafts, and ridge expansion in treating the deficient alveolar ridge.
-Understand predictable bone grafting protocols for vertical ridge augmentation.
-Understand the surgical protocol for sinus bone grafting in the presence of pathology.
-Conclude what is evidence-based and what is opinion with regard to state-of-the-art autogenous block grafting, mesh particulate grafting, ridge splitting, and sinus grafting.
-Understand the utilization of ultrasonic and piezosurgical approaches to different regenerative techniques including: bone harvesting, autogenous block grafting, ridge splitting, sinus grafting, and osteotomy preparation.
-Prevent, recognize, and treat mandibular block graft, mesh particulate graft, ridge split, and sinus graft complications (intraoperative, early post-operative and late post-operative).
-Understand the protocol for Guided Full Arch Immediate reconstruction procedures.
-Understand the implications and timing of bisphosphonate therapy with bone grafting and implant treatment.

Day 2: Soft Tissue Reconstruction
-Describe the anatomy, biology, wound healing and timing of soft tissue grafts, and host response to surgery.
-Develop the most appropriate flap design to maximize blood supply for each procedure.
-Describe the guidelines, indications, and surgical protocols for performing the following procedures: gingival grafts, subepithelial connective tissue grafts, and acellular dermis matrix allografts.
-Understand the long term results and utilization of allograft ACDM vs. autogenous soft tissue material for gingival augmentation (i.e., Alloderm, Dermis, Pericardium).
-Minimally Invasive Flap designs, suturing techniques, VISTA, Tunnel and Modified Semi-Lunar CAF techniques.
-Be able to perform common first and second stage implant soft tissue procedures to optimize esthetics and long term maintenance.
-Use appropriate suture and suturing techniques related to soft tissue and hard tissue grafting.
-Understand and apply the most recent research regarding the utilization of Allogeneic Cultured Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts for Oral Soft Tissue -Regeneration and their utilization in modern clinical practice.
-Understand and utilize autologous blood-borne bioactive modifiers for optimal regenerative results.
-Develop the skill to advance flaps through split thickness and periosteal sharp dissection.
-Prevent, recognize, and treat complications related to soft tissue grafting.

Day 3: Esthetic Zone Reconstruction
-Understand, describe, and utilize the appropriate surgical and prosthetic principles involved for comprehensive site development in the esthetic zone.
-Understand comprehensive extraction site management – predictable and evidence based.
-Describe indications and protocols for immediate vs. delayed implant placement in the esthetic zone.


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