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Pikos Symposium

Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction: State of the Art

Pikos Symposium is a one of a kind gathering of 12 of the world’s master clinicians, sharing their respective Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting protocols for Optimal Implant Reconstruction, uniquely formatted to include a 20-minute Q and A with each speaker.


November 02, 2017 - November 04, 2017


Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes - Orlando, FL


Symposium Speakers:

Dr. Carlos Aparicio
Dr. Edmond Bedrossian
Dr. Wolfgang Bolz
Dr. Steven Bongard
Dr. Cesar Guerrero
Dr. Saj Jivraj
Daniel R. Llop, CDT
Dr. Carl Magyar
Dr. Michael Pikos
Dr. George Romanos
Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk


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