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USC 43rd Annual International Periodontal and Implant Symposium

The theme of this year’s symposium will be: “The Future is Now”. The concept is that many highly advanced material, technologies and protocols are currently in various stages of testing or application. However, these technologies and material are asymmetrically distributed, so that only select few of the experts have tested or have experience with them. The USC Periodontal & Implant Symposium is a great opportunity for these experts to share some of the latest and cutting edge techniques, material, protocols and technologies that can impact patient care in the coming years. A panel of internationally renowned experts will present some of these cutting-edge advancements to highlight some of the techniques, material, protocols and technologies, which have only recently become available, as well as herald what will become available in the near future. However, the goal of this symposium is not to discuss possibilities that are only theoretical and may or may not become available in the too distant future. The program boasts five days with a diverse range of educational opportunities. The two-days of general sessions will include lecture presentation and case presentations, as well as expert panel discussion. In addition, there are a variety of surgical and prosthetic hands on workshops on models, animal jaws, as well as three cadaver workshops. Although the majority of the general-session presentations are interdisciplinary in nature, there are also sessions designated as “Surgical Track”, “Restorative Track” and “Dental Hygiene Forum” that focus on specific disciplines. The program is sure to inspire you and provide material, which are very germane to clinical practice.


January 24, 2018 - January 28, 2014


Millenium Biltmore Hotel
Los Angeles, CA


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