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Osteogenics Biomedical Announces Distribution Partnership with Cortical Bone Collector Manufacturer

Micross and Safescraper® bone scrapers offer latest advancements in autogenous bone grafting

Safescraper® Twist and Micross

LUBBOCK, Texas – Osteogenics Biomedical has signed an agreement with Italian-based medical device manufacturer META Advanced Medical Technology, giving Osteogenics exclusive distribution rights in the United States to the Micross autogenous bone scraper. Osteogenics has also obtained rights to distribute META’s Safescraper® Twist. Both are now available for purchase.

The distribution agreement gives Osteogenics Biomedical the opportunity to distribute the autogenous bone scrapers alongside its line of Cytoplast® barrier membranes and PTFE suture.

“META brings us the latest advancements in manual autogenous bone harvesting. The Safescraper® Twist incorporates several improvements to first and second generation bone scrapers, and the Micross is the first bone scraper designed to be used in a flapless procedure. We are excited to help bring this technology to the U.S. and add it to our growing line of bone grafting products,” said company president Shane Shuttlesworth.

The disposable Micross cortical bone collector is a minimally invasive option for obtaining autogenous bone. Micross is the only bone collector that can be used in a tunnel technique, which allows collection of bone in narrow and hard-to-reach areas. A 160-degree blade allows clinicians to collect bone from any bony surface. Grafting using Micross preserves the cortical tissue’s cell vitality, thereby maximizing the osteogenic potential of the graft.

Safescraper® Twist is a disposable cortical bone collector that features an ergonomic design, a 160-degree blade and a curved tip. These components allow clinicians to harvest autogenous bone from any intraoral site, including near the defect. The Safescraper® Twist’s transparent chamber holds up to 2.5 cc of bone, which can be used alone or mixed in combination with other graft materials. The manual harvesting method preserves the cellular component of the graft, thereby retaining living and well-preserved bone cells.

For more information about Micross and Safescraper® Twist bone scrapers, contact Osteogenics Biomedical by calling 1.888.796.1923, or visit www.cytoplast.com.

About Osteogenics Biomedical:
Osteogenics Biomedical is a leader in the development of innovative guided tissue regeneration products for use by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and other clinicians involved in regenerative or implant dentistry. Based in Lubbock, TX, the company’s core brands include Cytoplast® barrier membranes and PTFE suture, PermaRidge® and Osteogenics Clinical Education™.

June 10, 2009

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