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Osteogenics expands Global Bone Grafting Symposium with hands-on workshops

This article appeared in Implant Tribune Vol. 6 No. 1. January 11, page 2B.

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Comprehensive hands-on workshops provide the opportunity to practice learned techniques.

New in 2011, Osteogenics Global Bone Grafting Symposium will offer pre-symposium hands-on workshops on Thursday, March 31. Individual workshops will be led by Dr. Suzanne Caudry, Dr. Dan Cullum and Dr. Sascha Jovanovic.

Clinicians will have the option to choose one of three workshops, which will take place on Thursday, March 31, from 1–5 p.m., followed by the main symposium on April 1–2. Each hands-on workshop will have limited attendance to ensure an intimate learning environment. Additionally, each workshop will include all the instrumentation, equipment, biomaterials, models and pig jaws or ribs available to allow clinicians to immediately practice the techniques.

Caudry’s workshop is titled “Clinical Guidelines and Surgical Techniques for Hard & Soft-Tissue Grafting in Implant Site Development.” A treatment-planning approach will be presented that enables clinicians to select the correct material and surgical technique for a variety of defect types and challenges in implant site development.

Focusing on enhancing bone quality and volume with ridge expansion and sinus floor elevation, Cullum will lead the “Bone Manipulation in Implant Reconstruction” workshop. Application of bone manipulation techniques, including flap designs, soft-tissue augmentation and the prevention of complications, will be discussed and practiced in this hands-on workshop.

Jovanovic’s workshop is titled “Optimal Implant Placement & Bone and Soft-Tissue Grafting.” In addition to its focus on guided bone regeneration and connective tissue grafting simultaneous to implant placement, his workshop will also include extraction site management and sinus lifts.

Each workshop leader will also lecture at the main symposium. Additional main symposium lecturers include Dr. Craig Misch, Dr. Istvan Urban, Dr. Paulo Coelho, Dr. Tom Wilson, Dr. Barry Bartee and Dr. Paul Fugazzotto will broadcast a live guided bone regeneration surgery from his office.

Each hands-on workshop is $695 and includes four C.E. credits. Tuition for the main symposium on April 1 and 2 is $795 and offers 14 C.E. credits. For more information, please contact Laura Wood at (888) 796-1923, or visit www.osteogenics.com/courses.

January 10, 2011

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