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Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System simplifies membrane fixation for surgeons

This article appeared in Implant Tribune Vol. 6 No. 6. June 2011, page 2C.

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Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System

The Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System, introduced by Osteogenics Biomedical last fall, is significantly increasing in popularity due to the product’s features that make membrane fixation fast and easy.

“Although membrane fixation is not always necessary, I think most surgeons agree that membrane fixation increases the success rate associated with guided bone regeneration procedures, especially in vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation cases,” says Shane Shuttlesworth, Osteogenics’ president. “However, membrane fixation can often be difficult in dense cortical bone where tacks require the use of a mallet and screws require a pilot hole. The beauty of the Pro-fix™ system is that the screws are self-drilling, and they work very well in cortical bone; no extra instrumentation is necessary beyond the driver, and the kit is designed in a way that it can store a variety of screws from a variety of systems in one place.”

The Pro-fix™ system features a locking-taper cruciform drive system that allows easy pickup and safe transport of the screw to the surgical site, and a screw organizer dial that can hold up to 100 screws.

The most popular Pro-fix™ membrane fixation screws are 3 mm in length to facilitate fixation of most membranes and mesh, and they feature an aggressive tip design that allows for precise membrane placement without the need for a pilot hole - even in cortical bone.

In addition to the self-drilling membrane screws, self-drilling tenting screws will be available this summer.

For more information or to purchase Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System, visit www.osteogenics.com, or contact customer service at 1.806.796.1923.

June 08, 2011

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