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Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen

Special July Offer:

  • $25 OFF EACH BOX of RTM Collagen
  • 2 FREE GLYCOLON SUTURES with each box purchased
  • Offer expires July 31, 2019
  • Use discount code RTMJ19

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More than 4,000 clinicians have made the switch to Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen. The membrane exhibits excellent handling characteristics that make it preferred by numerous clinicians. RTM Collagen has enough body to make placement easy, yet is flexible enough to easily drape over the ridge when hydrated.

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Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen membrane is a superior product for many surgical procedures. I am impressed with its handling, but most importantly, I am impressed with its results.

– Jerald N. Rosenberg, DMD, Periodontist

Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen has made my guided bone regeneration cases more successful due to its handling properties and predictable resportion time.

– Cory Wanatick, DMD, Periodontist

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