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Cytoplast™ Titanium-Reinforced dense-PTFE Membranes

Special November Offer:

  • $50 OFF EACH BOX of Cytoplast™ Ti-250 & Ti-150 Membranes (2/box).
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  • Offer expires October 31, 2018
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Extraction sites with deficient structural support (ex. buccal defects) often require tenting membranes to prevent collapse into the defect. Although primary closure may be obtained, Cytoplast™ titanium-reinforced membranes are designed to withstand exposure and prevent bacterial penetration, making them especially well-suited for extraction site reconstruction.

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I have had excellent results in reconstruction of labial and buccal wall defects with Cytoplast™ titanium-reinforced membrane. No other procedure gives me the same predictable results.

– John Sisto, DDS, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

When space making is needed, such as loss of the buccal plate in a maxillary/mandibular molar, the titanium enables the clinician to mold the membrane easily.

– Robert Levine, DDS, Periodontist

This membrane may be the best on the market currently for treatment of the severely resorbed extraction socket. It provides predictable space maintenance, excellent bone regeneration potential, and all while extremely tolerant to exposure.

– Matt Heaton, DDS, MS Periodontist

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