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User Comments - Non-resorbable PTFE Monofilament Suture

"For years I have sworn by Gore-Tex® suture when I wanted insurance that a flap would not open during the healing period. Cytoplast™ PTFE suture provides the same insurance at a better cost." - Cornell McCullom III, DDS, MD; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

"Closing the surgery sites with Cytoplast™ PTFE is easy and fast, and the patients hardly know there are sutures in the mouth." - Thomas C. Reinhart, DDS; Periodontist

"I love this stuff. It's easy to use, lasts as long as I need in the mouth, and doesn't wick infection." - Kurt Schneider, DDS; General Practitioner

"I use the Cytoplast™ suture when I desire a monofilament, biocompatible suture, especially in regenerative sites." - Barry P. Levin, DMD; Periodontist

"Handles just as well as Gore-Tex® with much reduced cost." - James G. Woodyard, DMD, MS, PC; Periodontist

"Just the suture I have been looking for. Beats Gore-Tex by a mile." - Gary Lindemoen; DDS; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

"An ideal suture for areas you need a non-inflammatory suture, easy to handle, great visibility, durable knotting." - James S. Nicholson, DDS; General Practitioner

"Cytoplast™ PTFE Sutures are the best sutures I have used in 43 years of private practice. They are easy to manipulate, do not stretch, maintains good quality for one full healing cycle, and the knots do not slip loose." - Robert Berger, DDS; General Practitioner

"An incredible addition to the surgical armamentarium! The Cytoplast™ suture exhibits superior handling and is easy to tie, in the presence of tension free primary closure dertiscenes are eliminated. Post-op evaluations reveal an absence of inflammation infection or plaque and it's easy to remove, I recommend the suture in all of our courses." - William R. Dapper, DDS; General Practitioner

"In the limited time we have used this product, I have been happy with the ease of use that I came to expect with the Gore-Tex® sutures. I will probably use it more frequently than Gore-Tex® suture as the cost is a factor." - Ronald Delvecchio, DDS; Periodontist

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