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User Comments - RTM Collagen Membrane

"Doesn't tear when being sutured, easy to handle, [and there is a] large piece in each package. Overall, a great product and a reasonable price." - Thomas Reinhart, DDS; Periodontist

"Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen has made my guided bone regeneration cases more successful due to its handling properties and predictable resorption time." - Cory Wanatick, DMD; Periodontist

"Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen membrane is a superior product for many surgical procedures." - Jerald Rosenberg, DMD; Periodontist

"Overall this barrier works very well. I've had nice success with ridge augmentations." - Jason Cataldo, DDS, MSD; Periodontist

"So far the best resorbable membrane." - Stanley S. Koh, DDS; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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