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Crestal Sinus Lift Kit


  • Minimally invasive and atraumatic crestal sinus lift technique
  • Innovative manual osteotome allows for maximum operative control
  • Insertion of any kind of implant 3.75 mm in diameter or larger
  • Fully steam-sterilizable

Download Crestal Sinus Lift Kit Product Information

SinCrest is an innovative kit used to perform a crestal sinus lift when preparing the implant site near the Schneiderian membrane. The kit includes contra-angle side-cutting drills, depth stops, and a newly designed manual osteotome.

The side-cutting drills are used with the depth stops to drill a guide hole in the alveolar bone at up to 8 different controlled depths. The SinCrest manual osteotome is then used to obtain a controlled fracture of the bone floor through a step-by-step process of advancing 0.5 mm at a time. The blunt probe included in the SinCrest osteotome allows the constant monitoring of the residual resistance of the maxillary sinus and enables the user to lift it without tearing or perforation. The SinCrest technique may be used in sinus lift cases where the residual bone availability is 5 mm to 11 mm and when placement of an implant 3.75 mm in diameter or larger is planned.

Sinus Lift

While the SinCrest Complete Kit is recommended for its completeness and versatility, the SinCrest Medium Kit and SinCrest Mini Kit are also available.

#SinCrest 4418
Complete kit contains 3.0 mm & 4.0 mm
manual osteotomes and all instrumentation

#SinCrest 4500
Medium kit contains 3.0 mm manual osteotome and
some instrumentation

#SinCrest 4465
Mini kit contains 3.0 mm manual osteotome and
minimal instrumentation

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