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Tenting Kit


  • Cruciform drive system provides for easy pickup and safe transport of screws to the surgical site
  • Autoclavable tray conveniently stores and organizes all fixation kit components
  • Screw organizer dial is designed and labeled in a way that allows easy organization of up to 100 self-drilling membrane fixation screws, self-drilling tenting screws, and self-tapping bone fixation screws

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The Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System is manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure easy pick-up of screws, stable transfer to the surgical site, and quick engagement in cortical bone.

An autoclavable storage tray is cleverly designed to store not only fixation instruments, but also a variety of membrane fixation, bone fixation and tenting screws needed in dental bone grafting. Up to 100 fixation screws – including bone fixation, membrane fixation and tenting – are stored in a built-in screw organizer dial designed and labeled for easy identification, easy storage and simple re-ordering. All components are labeled, organized, stored and sterilized together to simplify things for the surgeon and surgical team.

The Pro-fix™ Tenting Kit includes all the instruments needed to place tenting screws (storage tray with dial, driver handle, and driver blades), along with twelve self-drilling tenting screws (4 - 3.0 mm screws, 4 - 4.0 mm screws, and 4 - 5.0 mm screws). Additional membrane fixation, bone fixation, and tenting screws may be added to the Tenting Kit separately.
View the Tenting Screws that are included in this kit.

Complete kit includes instrumentation
and 12 tenting screws

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