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Zcore™ Porcine Xenograft Particulate


  • Interconnecting macroscopic and microscopic porous structure supports the formation and ingrowth of new bone
  • 88% to 95% Void Space: hyper-porosity of porcine cancellous matrix and intra-particle space facilitated by rough particle morphology reduce bulk density of the graft, allowing greater empty space for new bone growth
  • Derived from porcine cancellous bone, eliminating risk of BSE transmission
  • Heat treated to an optimal temperature that ensures a degree of crystallinity consistent with native bone mineral to allow for remodeling of the healing bone

Download Zcore™ Porcine Xenograft Particulate Product Information

Zcore™ is an osteoconductive, porous, anorganic bone mineral with a carbonate apatite structure derived from porcine cancellous bone. Proprietary processing steps preserve both interconnecting macroscopic and microscopic porous structure of Zcore™ that helps support the formation and ingrowth of new bone.

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